Findings: Math Specialists

Growth in their own understanding of mathematicsGrowth in knowledge in how best to support teachers in implementing change in their classroomsHighly knowledgeable about how to design individualized in-classroom and school-based supportHighly valued by teacher leaders

Findings: Teacher Leaders

Changes in attitudes and beliefs about mathematics
Changes in content knowledge
Changes in classroom practice; positive impacts on student experiences
Connections and networking
Working with their peers
82% of teacher leaders reported that their participation in SD Counts has had considerable to a very great influence on how they teach math.
Almost all teacher leaders reported strategies indicative of highly effective mathematics teaching and learning as being important, and reported they were well-prepared to utilize these strategies.

Findings: Benefits to students

87% of teacher leaders responding to our survey indicated that their students had benefited to a great or very great extent because of the teacher leaders’ participation in SD Counts
In the best cases we observed, students were engaged in problem solving, encouraged to solve problems in a variety of ways, and encouraged to share their thinking

Findings: Principals

Lenses on Learning training
SD Counts meeting a need for students to be better problem solvers
See benefits to teacher leaders and their students
In the best cases, the project has led to administrators supporting more student-centered teaching and learning practices school-wide
Connections and networking