ED 671 Concepts in Number and Operations with Assessment Topics
May 31 - June 3, 2016

Focus questions for the course:
What are the big ideas and whole number concepts in these two domains that teachers need to know and understand in order to effectively teach these concepts to their students (the mathematical knowledge needed specifically for teaching)?

How will we know that our students “got it?” In other words, what evidence will we accept to verify that they learned these concepts (assessment)? How will we use on-going, formative assessment to make instructional decisions?

How can we use Number Talks to assess students’ understanding of mathematical concepts

CLASS outline
Introductions, Expectations, Grading.
Classifying Numbers by sets: the Set of Real Numbers
Classifying Whole Numbers
Understanding Number Relationships and Place Value
Understanding our Place-Value System
Computation and the Mathematical Properties
Understanding the Different Meanings of Multiplication
Understanding the Different Meanings of Division
Greatest Common Factors and Least Common Multiples
Integers and Operations with Integers

Daily Readings and Assignments
DAY one
Catagerizing Real Numbers
Go Formative.com
Why Number Talks Matter
Read the article, Zero, A "None Number?"
Complete pages 13 and 14 and be ready for discussion

Day two
Van de Walle- Read the Assessment Chapter and be ready to share out an assessment idea
What does One Trillion dollars look like?
What Does One Trillion Dollars Look Like, Video

Day three
Read - Subtraction of Positive and Negative Numbers
Rick Wormeli - Sound of Music (Assessment)

Day four
My Favorite No
Why do Two Negatives Multiply and Get a Positive

Order Em Up
How Close Can you Get?
Place Value Game
Game Cards 0-9
2-99 Number Chart- for Prime Numbers
Integer game cards and directions
Integer game recording sheet

Book Resources:
Making Number Talks Matter, Cathy Humphreys and Ruth Parker
Teaching Student-Centered Mathematics, John Van de Walle , Karen Karp, Luann Lovin and Jennifer Bay-Williams