Leaders at every level must help people envision, believe, understand, practice, receive feedback,and work collaboratively.(Leinwand, 2012)

Day One Outcomes

Day one ppt
Understand the need for educators to have a growth mindset and learn strategies to develop it
Understand how a growth mindset can support your leadership role in given situations:
  • Equity in the classroom
  • Working with your peers to overcome an obstacle
  • Believing in your students
  • Believing in yourself and your work
  • Setting up class norms

Day One Agenda

  • Growth Mindset and Leadership
  • Growth Mindset Challenges
  • Growth Mindset and your Students
  • Questions and Reflection

Growth Mindset and Leadership

  1. Crowdsourcing: Working together to make big things happen
  2. Review of Growth/Fixed Mindset
  3. Developing a Growth Mindset in Teachers and StaffTeachers Need a Growth Mindset Too
  4. Growth Mindset and Why it Makes Better Leaders
  • How can having a growth mindset help you to become a better leader in your school environment?

  • Read Outlearning the Wolves - When faced with a seemingly impossible solution to a problem, how might growth mindset help you and your team devise a plan, and a solution?

Growth Mindset Challenges

  • Card Challenge . With a deck of cards, create a structure that will hold ten gumdrops. The structure must be taller than the height of the card deck.
  • Mobius Strip Challenge

Growth Mindset and your Students

  1. Read p59-65 Access and Equity Principal - Principles to Action
  2. Read - Setting up Positive Norms in your Class


Action Plan - What do you need to develop your growth mindset?
What will you do to develop your growth mindset?

Read - Setting up Positive Norms in the Class. Take the time to review each of the links listed. The links are also available on the Symbaloo page.
Which norms do you currently use in your classroom?
Which one do you need to introduce or would like to work on?

Characteristics of a Learning Leader - I don't know, but let's find out

Day two Outcomes

Fostering the Mathematical Practices in All Students
  • Understand the Importance of the Standards for Mathematical Practice
  • Know how to interpret and understand the standard, specifically looking at the power standards
  • Consider how to bring the practices into your teaching
  • Develop and practice a routine for reasoning around the power standards

Day two Agenda

  • Introduction to the Practice Standards (Power standards)
  • Looking deeper at the Practice Standards
  • Video Examples - the Practice Standards in Action
  • Introduction to Reasoning Routines
  • Questions and Reflection

Questions to Consider
  • Which standard or standards are more difficult to understand? implement? why?
  • Is one standard more important than the other?
  • Read ch.1 Routines for Reasoning.

Which standard or standards are more difficult to understand? implement? why?
Ormie the Pig- Problem Solving
Standards for Mathematical Practices from North Carolina
Grade 1
Grade 2
Grade 4
Grade 5
Grade 6
Grade 7
Grade 8
High School

Classroom videos with the Standards for Mathematical Practice
Illustrative Mathematics
Inside Mathematics

Standards for Mathematical Practice
Mathematical Practice posters
Standards for Mathematical Practice AchievetheCore part 5
Standards for Mathematical Practice Part 3