SD Counts Phase I Goals and Accomplishments


External - Inverness ResearchInternal - CAMSE

  • Change teacher beliefs about teaching and learning mathematics
  • Increase content knowledge
  • Increase understanding of student thinking using Cognitively Guide Instruction (CGI)

Additional Expected Outcomes:
  • Changes in classroom practice
  • Improved student attitudes
  • Deeper conceptual understanding
  • Improved student achievement

  • Changes in content knowledge - Teacher Content Growth
  • Number and Operations - .5 effect size
  • Algebra - .7 effect size
  • Geometry and Measurement – 1.0 effect size
  • (.2 effect size is noteworthy, anything above this is statistically significant)
  • 88% of teacher leaders rated SD Counts professional development as more to much more valuable than other professional development they have participated in
  • Changes in attitudes and beliefs about mathematics
  • Changes in classroom practice; positive impacts on student experiences
  • 152 teacher leaders statewide have completed 12 credits toward a K-12 Math Specialist Endorsement
  • ESA 7 – 21 completed the 12 hours, 8 also either completed a Masters Program and/or the K-12 Math Specialist Endorsement
  • ESA 6 –

Accomplishments for participating principals:
  • Lenses on Learning training
  • SD Counts meeting a need for students to be better problem solvers
  • See benefits to teacher leaders and their students

Additional Findings
Teacher and Principal Quotes