Read and View

Read and View

View the following Video - Do You Believe I Can?
Read Moving from I Can't to I Can't Yet.


Pocket Questions (page 27)
Problem Solving Rubric (page 32)


1. What kind of mindset do you have? A growth mindset or a fixed mindset? Download this quiz. Complete the quiz and score your answers. You will be asked to share some of your results in the assignment.

2. This is a video you might consider showing your students.
Four Boosting Math Messages from Jo Boaler and her students


1. Implement "praise for effort" in your classroom. Give 2-3 specific examples of the results.
2. In the activity portion, you were asked to complete a growth/fixed mindset quiz and self-score. Were you surprised by your answers and score? What areas would you like to work on this year as you consider the implications of growth mindset in the mathematics classroom? Write a paragraph with your reflection.
3. Answer the questions 1-3 on page 37.

Email your completed assignments 1-3 to Kim Clark or Bailey Kowalski, depending on which SD Counts cohort you are in.

Label your assignment, ED 641:Unit 2 in the email subject bar.

Kim Clark,
Bailey Kowalski,