Read and View

  • In the book Teaching Mathematics Today, read chapter 2, Managing a Successful Mathematics Classroom pages 39-52.
  • The remainder of the chapter is optional to read.
  • Read Orchestrating Discussions
  • View Math Workshop Time model


Launch, Explore, Communicate, (page 51)


1. Think about your typical math lesson. How is it structured? In chapter 2 you read and viewed a video on the math workshop model. How is this model similar or different than the current way you structure your classroom?
Fill in the Launch, Explore, Summary (Communicate) planning tool when planning one of your lessons. Depending on your current structure of a math lesson, this may be easier for some to fill out. Upload your document and send to your instructor.

Label your assignment, ED641 Unit 3 in the email subject bar.

Kim Clark,

Bailey Kowalski,