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These resources support unpacking a standard:


1. Learning Targets are discussed on pages 69 and 70.Something we would like to see in every classroom is:
  • Learning Targets - What do I want students to know and be able to do? The learning target should be in kid-friendly language.
  • Criteria for success-What will it look like if students have hit the learning target and how will you know? How do you assess students during the lesson if they are hitting the target?
  • Discussion or Reflection-How do you and the students revisit the learning target at the end of the lesson and discuss the learning?

2. Consider a set of lessons you will be teaching.
  • What are the CCSS standards in those lessons?
  • What are the Standards for Mathematical Practice?
Using the Standards Unpacking Template (in Resources above) unpack a standard and fill in the remainder of the document. This will be turned in under Assignments. The Kansas flipped books and North Carolina unpacked are great resources to help you understand and unpack the standards.


1. Show or provide evidence of learning targets in your classroom. For a three day period of time, document your learning target, criteria for success and a tool you used to assess the understanding of the learning target (discussion, checklist, questioning, exit card, reflection in journal are some examples).
  • Upload your document with the heading, Unit 4, Assignment 1 in the email subject bar and send to your instructor.
2. Complete the Standard Unpacking Template. You should have unpacked at least one standard in activity 2.
  • Upload the document with the heading, Unit 4, Assignment 2 in the email subject bar and send to your instructor.

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