Chapter 4, Implementing Mathematical Practice and Process Standards.


In the book Teaching Mathematics Today, read chapter 4, Implementing Mathematical Practice and Process Standards


Questions Aligned to Practice Standards (page 86)
Habits of Mind (page 91)
Conversation Strategies (page 97)
Cooperative Learning Group Roles (page 101)
Productive Group Behavior Rubric (page 105)


1. Go to the Succeeding with Habits of Mind website and sign up. You can receive free Habits of Mind resources, weekly tips, and posters by signing up. Habits of Mind

2. View the Mathematical Practice Standards in action. Click on this link to Inside Mathematics.
  • Choose two of the Practice Standards you would like to work on and learn more about.
  • Click on the standards and watch one of the classroom examples for each standard.
  • Bookmark this site as one of your go-to sites.


1. How are the mathematical practice standards, twenty-first century skills, and Mathematical Habits of Mind/Interaction related? Why are they important? Why might using all three be effective in a mathematics classroom? Write a paragraph for each question. Label your assignment, Unit 5, Assignment 1 in the subject bar.

2. Choose a lesson that you will be teaching. Explicitly plan for implementing the mathematical practices, twenty-first century skills and the Habits of Mind. You can copy an existing lesson. Identify the content and practice standards in the lesson. Are you using a twenty-first century skill in the lesson? Identify how and where. What habits of mind will you incorporate in the lesson. Identify those.
You can take a picture of your lesson or upload the document. Label your assignment Unit 5, Assignment 2 in the subject bar.

Upload your documents and send to your instructor at one of the following email addresses.

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