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Read through this document, 13 Rules that Expire. When we think about vocabulary it is important to be aware of the vocabulary we use and model. Download the document and keep it as a handy reminder.

If you are interested, download the entire book, Nix the Tricks.
"A guide to avoiding shorcuts that cut out math concept development."


1. In what ways is it helpful to teach the problem-solving strategies? What problem solving-strategies do you currently teach students? Share examples and how you teach and review the strategies. You can include posters and photos of your strategies. We will share your ideas and examples later on in the year on the Resources page.

2. How can mathematical tools help students explore math? Choose a lesson you are going to teach or have taught and list all the different tools that could help students construct meaning.

3. Why is developing mathematical vocabulary important? Identify two ways you currently integrate vocabulary development into your instruction.

Label your assignment, Unit 6 in the subject bar and upload your document. Send to your instructor at one of the following email addresses:

Kim Clark,
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