• In the book Teaching Mathematics Today, read chapter 7, Supporting Instruction Through Differentiation
  • Read the following web article: How I Learned Differentiation


  • LearnZillion- Contains a complete K-8 math curriculum. Includes videos for grades 2-12 on each of the Common Core State Standards.
  • Khan Academy - Contains hands-on activities that students can do to practice skills.
  • Math Reasoning Inventory A free math reasoning assessment for grades 6-8, it includes online as well as one-on-one interviews


Read this sample of how one teacher planned and implemented differentiation in her classroom. (You will be asked to plan and implement a similar document in the assignment below.)


1. How can grouping strategies help when differentiating instruction? Provide examples of how you group students to support all students.

2. Consider a series of lessons that you will be teaching. Outline 5 lessons using the format on this word document. Teach the lessons, then reflect on the interventions and extensions that you planned. Which ones were effective? Did you make any changes and revisions on your interventions and extensions? Include your revisions and comments with the document after you have taught the lessons.

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