Welcome to ED641 Instructional Practices!

Year 1 course for SD Counts.

Due Date: Friday, April 15, 2016All work is due by this date
Description of course:
ED641 is a self-paced course with a minimum of 24 hours of coursework. The course is comprised of 9 units of instruction. Each unit may contain readings and videos, activities and assignments to be turned into your instructor.
  • Unit 1 consists of a mini- course on How to Learn Math: for Students. This is a free class by Jo Boaler of Stanford University.
  • Units 2-8 consist of readings, activities and assignment from the book, Teaching Mathematics Today by Erin Lehmann
  • Unit 9 consists of a Final Reflection and End-of-Course Survey.


  • Complete the mini-course How to Learn Math: for Students
  • Understand the difference between a growth mindset and a fixed mindset
  • Increase understanding of how students learn math
  • Improve classroom instruction using strategies that support mathematics instruction
  • Collaborate with other teachers and consider how to apply the strategies and resources used in the book, Teaching Mathematics Today

Books Needed:
  • Teaching Mathematics Today, 2nd Edition Erin Lehmann
  • Teaching Student-Centered Mathematics (3-5 or 6-8), John Van de Walle
How Students Learn Math online registration and instruction

Course Outline:

Unit 1 - EDUC115-S, How to Learn Math: for Students
Unit 2 - Understanding the Role of the Teacher in the Mathematics Classroom
Unit 3 - Managing a Successful Mathematics Classroom
Unit 4 - Planning for Instruction
Unit 5 - Implementing Mathematical Practice and Process Standards
Unit 6 - Building Conceptual Understanding
Unit 7 - Assessing Students
Unit 8 - Supporting Instruction Through Differentiation
Unit 9 - Final Reflection/Exit Survey
Resources ED641 AS you share your resources with us, we will build a resources page.